miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2016


Today 16th March we arrived in Paris from Chicago after a long trip. We had slept, eaten and watched filmes for about 8 hours! We arrived a bit late so we didn't have much time to get on the other plane to Barcelona. 

We didn't have much time for the checking in Charles De Gaulle airport and we had to print the boarding cards in a very slow mashine.
The time passed so fast and after the security controls we started running along the airport with the suitcases. 
Finally after all this adventure we could board on the plane in the last 5 minutes! But we got it💪🏻 
When we were in Barcelona Air Line had lost almost all our suitcases so we had to stay for an hour at the airport giving our information. They told us that the suitcases would arrive home between 7pm and 10pm. 
So now we are waiting for them. 

All the trip hasn't been only a experience in our life, it has been a life in one experience!!!!


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