lunes, 14 de marzo de 2016


Today we did amazing things. First of all we woke up as usual and we went to the high school to take the bus for today's day trip. We went to Chicago with Mr Andrew Suárez and our teachers. First we stopped at Barak Obama's house, because the present president of the United States used to be a senator in Illinois. We saw his big yard full of trees! Then we got on the bus again and we went to the Science and Industry Musuem of Chicago. The expositions were really interesting and interactive so we had lot of fun playing with physics, biology,... There was a little room full of mirrors and we had a lot of fun there and also we entered a mirror maze. Some of the students had the oportunity to create figures with a 3D printer. We stayed there since midday and then we left to Chinatown to eat. Chinatown was really good because it was different from all we had seen these days. It was full of restaurants and shops. We went to a restaurant near the main square and we had really good Chinese food (in my opinion). Then we had some shopping time to buy the last minute souvenirs. That was all. We came back to Niles North and we returned home with our parterns. Now we are hanging out in our last moments in Chicago with our partners and preparing the suitcase that we can't close. Good Night!!!!





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