martes, 8 de marzo de 2016


The bus got us in the morning and we went downtown. We left the bus and went to the top of the Willis tower.: 103 floors!!! We saw the entire city from up there and took loads of pictures. Then we returned to the ground floor, we waited for a few minutes. After that, we walked to Thompson center. After lunch, we met a tour guide there. We went to the city hall, then saw the Picasso (one of the symbols of the city) and the Cultural Center, where we could see, once more, nice architecture and the Tiffany's glass dome. Later, we took the bus to return to the school. 
When we were there, I met my partner and I went to the mall  that is very close to the school. When we were there, we met up with her friends and we ate a pizza. After this, we returned to the school and we went to her rehearsal, where I had a really good time and met a lot of people.
Jordi Flores 

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