jueves, 10 de marzo de 2016


Today was a very long day. We went to the school in the morning like everyday and we had breakfast with the director of the school, we ate really delicious beaggles and some orange juice. After that, we went to see a play of some students of the school called 13. The play was about a boy that had to celebrate his bar mitzvah for his 13 birthday but he had a lot of peoblems because his parents get divorced and they go to live to Indian, another place. When he arrived he met a girl and they got friends but then, he met other boys thatwere are cooler and this girl didn't like them, so he decided to invite all the boys and not invite tjh girl. The musical was so nice and they had done a lot of hard work!!!
Then we went to  EMILY oaks, that was a place where the kids go to learn how to do different activities in the nature. After this, we went to see the firemen station, and they showed us how their days of work are and they showed us too the place were they relax, where they sleep, etc
Finally we met our partners and we did differnet activities

Some peopke went to the bowling and other ones went to have fun at a salsa club called 90 miles
In there,  they taught us how to dance salsa and it was so nice!!!!
So we had a really good day but really tiring because we did a lot of things.

Ariadna Garcia


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