sábado, 12 de marzo de 2016


Saturday 12th

Today every student has spent the day with their host family. Almost everyone went to Chicago Downtown and enjoyed the St. Patricks Day Parade. 
First of all, we tried to get up early in the morning after a late movie night. It took us a while... Then we drove downtown to see the dyeing of the Chicago River. It was really cool! We'd never seen a dyed river before. 
You must be asking how is it dyed..?So...The crew hops aboard two small motorboats donated by volunteers. The larger boat, at approximately 18 feet, has a crew of four. The smaller boat, a 12-footer, has two people. The larger boat is responsible for dyeing the river, which begins when it arrives under the Michigan Avenue bridge near Wacker Drive. The chemical used to dye the river is top-secret. A special orange powder is used to dye the river bright green.
Later we went to St. Patrick's Parade, there were a lot of cool floats. While the St. Patrick's parade was going on, everyone was dancing and having fun! 

Finally, we went shopping and we walked around downtown. Right now, everyone is at home with their exchange partners having dinner or doing other stuff. Can't wait for tomorrow!!

Jordi i Pere

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