martes, 8 de marzo de 2016


Today we went to the city of Chicago to spend our day. We met at school at 8:15 and we went to Millenium park, where we had a little break to take photos or to visit some places. Then we went to the Art Institute of Chicago and we really enjoyed it: there were such amazing pictures, installation Art, an exhibit about Van Gogh's rooms, ...

At midday we had lunch together by the "bean" and when we were finishing we heard some people singing gospel, so we went to listen to them and we talked with them.

Afterwards we visited a little mall and we had a lot of fun there meeting people and talking to our exchange partners.

At 5 p.m. some of the students went back to Skokie and others stayed there to have dinner together. After dinner we went to the United centre, the stadium where Chicago Bulls play. We had a lot of fun together shouting and watching the game, and we had a flag of Catalonia to support Pau Gasol, so a lot of people took  a photo of us and a guy recorded us and we appeared in the main screen of the stadium. There was a lot of pressure but the Bulls won the Bucks (90-100). It was amazing! I have really enjoyed this third day in the USA!

Patrícia & Víctor

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